Valentine's Day Medium Acrylic Press On Fake Nails, Love Theme 24 Pcs

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Valentine's Day Acrylic Press On Fake Nails, Love Theme 24 Pcs



  • Package You will get Valentine's Day beautifully 24 piece of medium length fake nails with a adhesive tape and one nail file in a transparent little box size is 5.5x 2.7 inches.
  • Exquisite Design Valentine's Day A, Valentine's Day B, Valentine's Day C, 3 themes exquisite nails for you to choose, at affordable prices, fake nails stick on nails will enhance people s temperament and make people happy. You can be different every day. Suitable for girls women fashion styles.
  • Easy to Use After trimming and cleaning your natural nails, select the right sizes of our high quality nails and apply our nail adhesive tape on, then press on your nails for 10 seconds. Now you have beautiful new nails!
  • Quality Material These Valentine's Day press on nails ballerina long false nails are made of quality acrylic material, non-toxic and gentle to your nails and skin, durable and not easy to be scratched, will give you a nice manicure experience.

Product Description

Item Name: Valentine's Day Press on nails Medium Length Exquisite Fake Nails Acrylic Nails

How to use
1.Remove the surface keratin by gently grinding the nails slices with a scrub, rinse and keep the nails clean and dry.
2.Select the right size of the nails and take the right amount of adhesive tape on the inside of the selected nail plate.
3.Attach a slice from the root of the nail to the front of the nail, hold down the nail for 8 seconds, stick it tightly.

How to remove
1.Immerse hand in warm water & use a wooden stick to take it off from the side or just use hand to peel it off.
2.Remove the adhesive tape sticker and keep the fake nail tip for next time use.
3.Enjoy your unique and perfect manicure.

1.Avoid pasting in places such as inflammation and redness.
2.Dot not place in the reach of the children.
3.To protect the nails, do not force the removal of the nail.

1.Full nails design, high quality material, practical length, make your nails slim and have a very realistic or at least a professionally done appearance. These nails will last for at least 1-2 weeks with normal care, will be longer when using quality glue.
2.Please remove the fake nails when you bath, wash clothes, wash dishes, etc. when you touch the water for a long time, otherwise the viscosity of the nail jelly will decrease. To prevent this problem, you can use your own adhesive tape to extend the use of false nails.
3.Natural false nails will make your nails more attractive. No matter what your nail size is, you can choose the most suitable false nail for yourself, just a few minutes, it is easy to trim and file them to in any length and shape you like. It's suitable for most occasion.