Unisex Favofit Headbands for Sports & Fitness Workouts, 4 Pack

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Unisex Favofit Headbands 4 Pack

Great for Sports & Fitness Workouts



About this item

  • 100% Nylon
  • Enjoy Your Workout: With these exquisite sports headbands, your sweat will be immediately absorbed and quickly wicked away. Therefore, you can enjoy your workout without constant battle with sweat stinging your eyes
  • Super Comfy: Crafted with double layer fabric, which is made of 80% nylon and 20% lycra spandex, these workout headbands ensure good elasticity and fit your head comfortably. They are very smooth and soft on the skin. Furthermore, there are no seams that can create indention on your forehead
  • Stays Put: These womens / Mens headbands will stay in place and can be used for any workout or sport such as yoga, fitness, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis or even boxing. In addition, they can also be used to keeping your hair out of your face during SPA or even makeup
  • Fits under Any Headgear: These headbands are lightweight, but thick enough to absorb a lot of sweat. Therefore, they can be used under any hat or headwear. They work well under sports headgear (football, baseball, hockey, cycling, etc.). Some customers also use them for daily work under the headwear, including construction work, chefs and cooks
  • Machine Washable: These elastic fabric headbands could hold up well and will keep their shape through machine washing, thus they can be reused for many times. You will definitely enjoy them.


Favofit Headband Set



  • Stylish & Versatile
  • Super Comfy
  • Stops Sweat
  • Stays Put
  • Fits under Any Headwear
  • Machine Washable


With Headband Super Fast Moisture Wicking Super Comfy

Enjoy Your Workout with Favofit Headband

Are you tired of the constant battle with sweat dripping down your face during your workout?

Here comes the perfect solution for you.

With the Favofit Elastic Unisex headbands, you can enjoy your workout without any interruption.

Super Fast Moisture Wicking

Crafted with special moisture wicking finishing, these headbands will absorb your sweat right away, which can be wicked away super fastly.

Thus you can concentract on your activity.

Super Comfy

Made of high quality fabric with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these heandbands offers you maximum comfort.


Stays Put Helmet Friendly One Size fits Most

Stays Put

Featured with ergonomic design, this headbdand will alway stays put, no matter what kind of exercise you are taking part in.

Fits under Any Headwear

These headbands are lightweight, but thick enough to absorb a lot of sweat. Therefore, they can be used under any hat or headwear.

One Size fist Most

This headband is super stretchable, with maximum circumfence up to 26 inch.

Thus this fits not only the adults, but also kids and teens.


Versatile and Practical


Product Description

Favofit Headbands for Women and Men

Stylish & Versatile, Super Comfy, Stops Sweat, Stays Put, Fits under Any Headgear, Machine Washable

Stylish & Versatile
Sweat stinging your eyes at the gym?
Sweat dripping down your forehead when playing games in VR?
Unable to focus on your physical activity for keeping wiping sweat from your eyes?
Try the stylish Favofit sweat bands headbands and no more worry about that kind of issue.

Super Comfy
We use soft and smooth materials to ensure nothing against your skin.
Our headbands are also breathable and quick-dry, which can always keep your head cool.

Super Absorbent and Lightweight
With double-layer design and being made of special materials,
our headbands are extra absorbent than the traditional one but remain lightweight.

Stays Put
It always stay in place without giving too much pressure or discomfort to your head.

Helmet Friendly
Favofit headbands are suitable for use under any type of headgear or helmet.
They work great under helmet for any sports, construction work and chefs.

One Size fits All
Stretchy and unisex headbands fits for everyone, including not only adults but also children.