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Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)

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  • Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)
  • Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)
  • Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)
  • Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)
  • Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)
  • Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Do-It-Yourself Kit)


Kiss Naturals Lava Lip Gloss Kit



About this item

  • DIY lip gloss kit - Create your own stunning 6 lip glosses with Kiss Naturals’ complete lava lip gloss kit for girls. This DIY kit is everything you need to make your own custom set of lip glosses that looks just like lipstick. It is perfect for encouraging pretend play while keeping their lips soft and smooth.
  • Boosts creativity - Kiss Naturals’ lip gloss making kit for kids promotes creativity, imagination, self-expression and develops motor skills. Introduce your child to science in a fun learning style so that they can engage in STEM activities for hours without getting bored.
  • Fun and easy - Our lip gloss making kit for girls comes with a simple step-by-step instructions guide to create your own roll-on lip gloss with pre-measured ingredients. Our DIY lip gloss will be ready in just 30 minutes and everyone in your family will be able to use it.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients - Our lava lip gloss kit includes all-natural and organic ingredients like safflower, castor bean oil, and natural dyes from plant extracts that are safe and gentle for your kids. It has no parabens, synthetics, or toxins. The nourishing oils moisturize the lips and keep them luscious.
  • Thoughtful gift option - Every Kiss Naturals' DIY craft kit includes a reusable furoshiki wrapping cloth and a "Thinking of You" card - perfect for gifting at kids' parties. Little beauty princesses will love the entire experience of making lip gloss. It’s an ideal fun activity during sleepovers and house parties.


Kiss Naturals DIY Kits


Kiss Naturals DIY Lava Lip Gloss Kits makes 6 Adorable Glosses


Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth, Fun & Facts Magazines, Surprise Gift Card, Reusable Cotton Bag


Kiss Naturals DIY Lava Lip Gloss kits are Very easy to make and Kids love to be Creative & have Fun!


All Naturals DIY Kits Handcrafted Love Skin Friendly DIY Lava Lip Balms DIY product to spread LOVE

All Naturals DIY Kits

Our main focus has always been our ingredients. All of our kits are made with 100% natural ingredients that are paraben-free, SLS-free and non-toxic. We include many organic components and our ingredients are high quality and naturally derived.

Skin Friendly

Perfect for 6+ girls and boys for children's birthday parties, sleepovers, self-care spa days, science experiments, rainy days, travel, or simply a fun family activity!

Green Beauty Routine

Now you can create your own mini lip gloss version from our Lava Lip Gloss craft kit! Keep your lips moisturized and shiny with this award-winning, groovy 60s-inspired lip gloss.

DIY Product to Spread Love

One of the most important company values at Kiss Naturals & Earthy Good is doing our part to give back and support charitable causes. We donated 1 dollar from each of the kits sold at their location to their charity of choice.


No Animal Testing, Family Owned, made in Canada

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