25 Nanoscale Cleaning Cloth, Reusable Fish Scale Multi-Functional Cleaning Cloth

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25 Nanoscale Cleaning Cloths, Reusable Fish Scale Multi-Functional Cleaning Cloth, Highly Absorbent Glass Cleaning Cloth, Suitable for Home, Kitchen 15x11

Towel form type Cleaning Cloth
Size 15" x 11"
Material Microfiber
Count 25
Color Variety


About this item

  • Test life of several years.The edge of the cleaning cloth is soft and durable, and can be used multiple times. It has a bright satin surface, no lint, no balls, no harden.For dust and water stains, it is recommended to wipe with dry cloth. For stains and oil stains, the effect of wiping with wet cloth will be better. When the wet cloth is difficult to remove, it can be dipped in a small amount of soapy water before wiping.
  • Wave fish scale nanoscale cleaning rags, suitable for all kinds of glass and stainless steel products. Will not scratch the surface, high cleaning ability and good polishing effect.From then on, bid farewell to the pain of wiping the smooth surface and leave marks, making the cleaning work easier and more enjoyable.
  • High water absorption rate, instant water absorption, quick drying and easy cleaning. Will not harden after multiple washings.Made from premium quality fabric these Microfiber Cleaning Cloth have a soft,plush touch,highly absorbent,quick-drying.They deliver extreme absorbency and Water locking ability.
  • 80% polyester fiber, 20% nylon.16in x 12inYou will have 8 pack microfiber rags, four colors. You can choose a fixed color to clean the designated area, which can make the housework more organized.
  • It can be applied in kitchenware,in pots, home, glass windows, furniture, car cleaning, electronic display cleaning, etc.; It can be applied to clean most objects in bathrooms,offices, shops and other places that need cleaning.

Product Description

PRODUCT NAME:Microfiber nanoscale cleaning cloth
COLOR:Blue/Pink/Gray/Purple Pastel Variety
MATERIAL:Superfine fiber
FEATURES:Strong decontamination effect/Easy to clean/Quick drying
For long-lasting use, machine wash often to remove trapped dirt, dust, and grease. Launder separately with other microfiber articles on a warm water cycle. Tumble dry low. Avoid chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets to maintain microfiber's advanced dirt-eating technology.
Do not bleach. Bleach is a powerful oxidant that can destroy microfiber materials.
Hand or machine wash at temperatures below 45 degrees to keep the cloth optimally clean.
Do not dry clean. This affects its service life.
Do not iron. This will damage the fabric and affect its performance.