12 Inch Spring Twist Crochet Bomb Braids Hair Extensions, 4 Pack

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12 Inch Spring Twist Crochet Bomb Braids Hair Extensions, 4 Pack, Color: T33



About this item

  • Made by Quality Syntheic Hair, 12 inch Spring Twist Crochet Hair 4 Packs.
  • Spring Twist Crochet Hair Available Colors: 1#, 1B#, 2#, T27#, T30#, T33#, T350#, Tbug#, T1B/30/27#, T1B/4/30#, T1B/99J/350#.
  • 12inch Spring Twist Hair,30strands/pack,160g/pack,One Package Have 4 Packs.Total about 640g.
  • Spring Twist Crochet Braiding Hair is Smooth, Bouncy, Soft as Human Hair, Lightweight, Not Rough, Natural Shiny, No Smell, No Harm to Skin, Looks Natural and Easy Install.
  • We Suggest You Wear a Wig Cap When You Wear Spring Twist Crochet Hair, Before You are Going to Bed. Wish You Can Take Good Care of the Hair, You Can Use It for Longer.

Dorsanee Spring Twist Hair gives you the perfect look for various occasions and brings you more confidence and charm. This Spring Twists adopted High Temperature Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber hair. It is the best fiber material for braiding hair. Its physical properties, appearance, color and texture are highly similar to real hair, look just like real hair, silky and soft. If you like your hair soft and light then you should definitely choose this smooth, lightweight spring twist braiding hair.

The Dorsanee's Spring Twist Hair is the perfect hair for twist-outs, it is easy to install and soft to touch. New hairstyles are like seasons, they come and go. But some protective styles like the spring twist will be evergreen in the world of changing trends!!!

>>Available Length: 8 Inch, 12 Inch.

>>Roots: 30strands/pack.

>>Package: 3 packs per order, 4 packs per order.

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How to Care of Spring Twist Braiding Hair?

Simple to follow guide to keep your spring twist in the hair for a long time:


  • For such braids you will have to give importance to hair washing regularly.
  • In case you are not washing your hair, then make sure to use the bath cap while bathing. Secure your hair with bands or clips before you slip the bath cap. Skipping to use the bath cap can give you some wet and dry hair and a look that is not neat.There are several moisturizing sprays that are developed for spring twist braids. Such sprays are known to keep the braids shiny and moisturized. They also keep them soft. They are extremely safe for daily use. But be careful that you do not spray them directly onto your scalp.
  • Before you sleep at night you will have to tie your spring twist braids. Use a nice and clean satin scarf so that you can prevent your braids from rubbing against the bed or the pillow. This measure will protect your braids from loosening and growing frizzy.